Making Money is ALL About LEVERAGE:
Anyone who has every been in business and successful would tell you the following single solitary truth:  I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own efforts.  The concept you need to learn in order to get ahead is LEVERAGE.  If you leverage your money, you can win big in the stock market.  If you leverage your efforts, you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could.  If you leverage your time, you can live the life you always dreamed.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken:
Ever notice the commonality of the people at the very top of the wealth chain?  Virtually every one of them got there by leveraging the work of others.  Doing so gave them not just 1% of the efforts of 100 people, but in fact gave them 1% of the efforts of thousands of people!

Don't You Want to Have 1% of Others Efforts?
There are limited ways to get to the top of your own pyramid.  You can become the CEO of a corporation (good luck with that!).  You can win the lottery and hire a bunch of servants (and get your money swindled away).  You can borrow a pile of cash and work a forex margin account with leverage of 200:1 (it can be done). Or you can do the sure thing and build your own set of tiered affiliate programs and gather other marketers with my program.

My Promise to You:
I promise you can leverage MY efforts with these affiliate programs
.  Sign up for each of the services on the left.  It's a pain to go through and type your name and address over and over again, but just do it, ok?

If you send me your affiliate program ID name/numbers, I will build a starter page similar to this one which you can use to begin your own leverage pyramid. This will be the starting point for your journey - an extremely simple page with an extremely simple yet powerful message.

I will then take you down the exact same learning path I used to draw people to my own websites and make my fortune on the internet.  You will learn the exact same methods I did and be able to completely chart your own path to financial freedom with affiliate programs.

To Start You Do NOT Need:
  • A hosting account (program #1 - the website hosting service will be your new homepage)
  • Any web programming experience
  • Any sales experience
  • Any web page making software
  • to Spend ANY Money Other than Hosting Initially (you may want to read some recommended ebooks after setup).

You WILL Need:
  • A Paypal Account (so people can pay you)
  • to Sign up for All the Affiliate Programs (so you can earn commissions)
  • to Email me your affiliate IDs (So I can set up your page for you.  DO NOT send the passwords! Never give out your password!)
  • to Learn to think like a customer (So you can attract more visitors)
  • to Learn how to track your success (So you can focus your efforts on what works)

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